LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Spiralling petrol prices, diminishing world oil reserves, and the need to reduce motoring costs wherever possible have seen many individuals and companies consider the LPG Autogas alternative. Those that have made the change to LPG rarely go back to petrol. Why? Because LPG Autogas not only substantially reduces fuel costs, it reduces engine wear and thus maintenance costs, it improves engine smoothness and reliability, and it has virtually the same power output as petrol. Over 97% of taxis and 500,000 fleet and private vehicles now operate on LPG in Australia, a powerful testimony to the benefits of LPG Autogas.

Gas Certificates

Pelican Motors can install Liquefied Petrolium Gas systems (LPG) into any make or model
of car. We can also service and replace older and expired gas systems and issue a current gas certificate.

LPG Gas Links

LPG Vehicle Scheme

Gas Cylinder Refills

We also have a LPG gas refill service, bring us your regular empty 9kg BBQ gas cylinders and we can refill them for $24, save money on your gas refills at Pelican Motors in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

Qualified Gas Experts

Our team have been trained and certified to undertake all gas servicing and sign off on installations and safety reviews. If you need a gas certificate for a roadworthy contact our team today.