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Pelican Motors - Car Servicing Mechanic & Smash Repairs

An open invitation was extended to women along the Sunshine Coast to come along for a fun and informative night at Pelican Motors to have any questions answered regarding their car.

The evening did not disappoint with a great turnout and very informative presentations by the in-house mechanical technician, a trained self defence expert and police.

‘Women behind the wheel’ drew a good crowd

“We thought it would be a good idea for women to get to know their vehicle, receive tips on what to do when/if they break down and general day-to-day maintenance,” Wendy, the organiser from Pelican Motors, said.

A hands-on evening, it was not long before the wipes were being passed around to clean blackened fingers after touching tyres, brake pads and oily metal discs.

Air pressure in tyres and types of oils were topics which drew many questions as well.

Mechanical Technician and workshop Manager, Gavin Reeves provides expert advice


A demonstration in self-defence provided practical scenario based situations for the ladies who now have some homework practice to complete.

Self defence presenter, Gary Palmer provided a visual demonstration

Gary providing some great tips


The evening ended with police providing personal safety tips and property security messages to ensure the ladies could remain safe during a breakdown and when out and about in their vehicles.

A simple change of position for carrying a handbag can make it more secure


Personal and property safety messages were reinforced with handouts


The organisers from Pelican Motors are to be congratulated on their commitment to road safety and crime prevention initiatives.

Senior Constable Ann Jessop on MyPoliceSunshineCoast

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