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There are plenty of benefits to buying a used car, but you really need to know what you are looking for to ensure you not only get a great deal but select a vehicle that is roadworthy and safe to drive. Choosing a used car can save you a lot of money, and you can get a near-new used car for a dramatically reduced price compared with what you’d pay for the exact same vehicle if new.

But there’s a lot more to purchasing a used car than just walking into a dealership or a private residence and saying “yes” or “no”. You need to have some know-how and do some due diligence to make sure you are getting both what you expect and what you are paying for. It can be a confusing process and a daunting experience, especially if you’ve not done this before.

Tips for Buying a Used Car

    • Know Your Budget – you need to set a realistic budget and stick to it. You need to be able to cover not only the purchase price of the used car but also registration, insurance, running costs, and if there is any interest to be paid if you have financed the purchase with a loan.
    • Do Your Research – search using NRMA resources and sites like Cars Guide to establish the type of car you want based on what you can afford, models, makes, age, kilometres driven, and location. See what’s out there and narrow down your search.
    • Contact the Seller – you need to ask questions at the outset: how long have they had the car? What’s its condition? Has it ever been in an accident? Why are they selling it now? Can they provide service history details? Is the used car registered?
    • Arrange Inspection – and Bring Someone with You! – If the car isn’t located at a dealership, insist on viewing the vehicle at the seller’s home address. Take someone with you who has purchased a used car before and ideally who knows something about cars.
    • Check the History of the Car – yes, the seller may seem very honest and they may have loads of integrity. You still need to check the car’s history. This requires you taking down the vehicle’s VIN and checking it against databases in its registration state. Ideally, you’ll be able to get this information from the seller and perform the check before you inspect the car. It will offer information such as whether the car is stolen, is encumbered by a loan, if it has been previously written-off, and if it’s been used in committing a crime. You also need to check the used car’s service history.
    • Check the Car Itself – at the very least on your own, but ideally, have it checked by a mechanic. You need to:
      • Inspect during daylight on level ground
      • Check mileage
      • Check for body marks, rust, dents, and other defects
      • Check under the body for the frame, rust, damage, and signs of previous repair
      • Check interior including boot
      • Check under the bonnet for rust, belts and hoses, corrosion, etc
      • Check panel and body alignment
      • Check for oil leaks and ensure there is no foam residue under the oil cap
      • Check tyres including spare and jack kit
      • Ensure wipers, lights, horn, windows, seats, aircon, and seatbelts all work properly
      • Check the car starts easily when the engine is cold
    • Test Drive
      • Test handbrake on a steep hill
      • Listen for strange noises
      • Drive at motorway speeds if possible
      • Check the turning circle and power steering
      • Ensure reversing camera etc work
      • Check smooth transmission and clutch on a manual vehicle
    • Negotiate – if it’s a private sale, you’ll need to bring writing material and a mobile phone. Record any and all issues with the car and take it to your own chosen mechanic for a roadworthy check. Thereafter, you’re in a position to reasonably negotiate price. Note all faults and flaws. Offer lower than you are willing to pay initially as the seller will likely counter-offer. Don’t be pressured into paying more than you are willing to. A motivated seller will negotiate reasonably.
    • Complete the Purchase – complete all registration paperwork, ensuring details match those of the seller. Keep originals yourself, and get signed receipts for any money exchanged.

When you are contemplating buying a used car, you need to know for sure that it runs well, is economical, roadworthy, and safe. Bring your proposed used car to Pelican Motors for a roadworthy review. Get in touch online or call us today on 07 5491 3234.


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It’s that time of year again – your car is due for its regular service. But how important is it to really stick to your servicing schedule as recommended by your local car service centre caloundra?

Loads of people choose to over-extend their car servicing intervals, particularly on newer cars, which manufacturer guidelines may recommend service on every twelve months or 30,000km. Others, who have older cars, take an “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” approach to their car servicing. There are, however, plenty of great reasons to have your car serviced at least every year and, if recommended by your preferred local mechanic, every six months.

Why Have a Regular Car Service in Caloundra

Even if your car is brand new or running like a dream, you do need minor but very important checks to be carried out on a regular basis, especially if you do a lot of driving. For example, vital fluids require regular checking or changing, and regular adjustments to mechanical and electronic functions are also important. Modern cars (especially European models) are now predominantly computer-operated and this requires a more involved process by highly-trained mechanics at the service centre. Mitigating risks of errors in your car by having regular servicing is going to potentially save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Regular car servicing will enable you to cut fuel costs, reduce long-term service costs, improve car resale value, reduce pollution levels contributed by your car, and most importantly, maximise your safety on the road.

What is involved in a Car Service?

A proper comprehensive car service incorporates dozens of system and component checks. These include but are not limited to:

  • Fluid level checks or replacement (coolant, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, oil)
  • Leaks (from the radiator, water pump, gasket, hoses, cylinder head, oil)
  • Brake pads
  • Steering alignment
  • Tyres (tread and pressure)
  • Battery condition
  • Exhaust leaks or corrosion
  • Window wipers
  • Horn
  • Spark plugs and fuses
  • Gauges and warning lights
  • Lights and indicators
  • Handbrake

Why Choose Pelican Motors as your Service Centre?

Pelican Motors is a Caloundra-based, family-owned and operated business. We have been firmly established in Caloundra on the beautiful Sunshine Coast for over a decade. We are a REPCO Authorised service centre and we employ trade-qualified mechanics.

At Pelican Motors, we service, repair, panel beat and sell cars of all makes and models. We have the expertise to maintain your car and ensure it is not only roadworthy but running in top condition.

Using only quality REPCO filters and premium Castrol oils and lubricants, our service centre will carry out car servicing to ensure your vehicle operates in top condition and that its lifespan is maximised.

We Offer:

  • Log Book Servicing
  • Fleet Servicing
  • Safety Checks
  • Tyres and Brakes
  • New Car Warranty
  • Air Conditioning
  • Courtesy Transport within the local area (to/from  work/home)
  • Early Drop-Off Option
  • Service Reminders
  • The best car service in Caloundra

Book Your Next Car Service Today

A properly serviced car at timely intervals will run more economically and will pre-warn owners of major issues with the engine, transmission, and other applications. An engine that is maintained in peak condition will translate to optimal performance and minimised emissions. Failure to service appropriately can result in stress on your vehicle components, mechanical failure, and even accidents. Book in at Pelican Motors for your next car service in Caloundra. We can also conduct a roadworthy review as well as providing registration checks and much more. Get in touch or call us today on 07 5491 3234.


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Old cars always manage to capture wide-eyed gazes as people drive by a lovingly restored classic, but restoration is a relative term that deserves some discussion. Let’s break it down to see exactly what an old car restoration entails.

Complete Restoration

How far you have to go with a restoration will depend a lot on the age of the car and the condition in which you receive it. Complete restorations are usually reserved for the older classics which return the vehicle to mint condition as if it had just rolled off the factory floor.

Complete restoration entails repairing and restoring not just the visible parts of the car, but also the interior, the engine and the engine compartment, the inside trim, brakes, frame, etc.

If the body is separated from the frame, then it is referred to as a “body off” restoration. Some enthusiasts may also use different terms such as “ground up,” “old barn,” or “full restoration.”

Naturally, such a detailed restoration requires a professional touch, so these types of jobs are usually handled by professionals who possess the necessary trade skills with years of experience.

Concourse Restoration

Similar to a complete restoration, the concourse restoration aims to bring the car back to mint condition by stripping everything back to bare metal and stripping down the engine for a complete rebuild. Car restorers doing a concourse restoration are aiming for nothing less than perfection and are mostly only tackled by professionals, or enthusiasts.

Cosmetic Restorations

The name says it all, as it’s the complete opposite of a mechanical restoration. These are cars which are mechanically sound, but the outside has taken a beating and been neglected over the years.

The level of cosmetic repair will depend on where the car has been kept over its life. Vehicles which have been stored outside and received numerous dings and scratches may need extensive panel beating and rust removal. Depending on the age of the car the interior may also need some attention.

If you’re lucky, vehicles stored out of the weather may only need a coat of paint and a detail for the interior.

Why Restore an Old Car?

Most old cars are restored as a labour of love, call it a costly hobby. However, there are many serious investors involved in the restoration of old cars, and they capitalize on the desire of wealthy enthusiasts to own and drive an old classic.

Whichever way you go, car restoration is a serious endeavour which requires time, and once it’s all complete, a roadworthy as well.

Pelican Motors is a family owned and operated business which specialises in car restoration and serves the Caloundra and Sunshine Coast region. They also service, repair, panel beat, and sell cars of all makes and models. If you’re considering a car restoration come on down to our service centre and we’ll discuss your needs. If you need a roadworthy, we’re happy to do that as well, get in touch here or on 07 5491 3234.

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An open invitation was extended to women along the Sunshine Coast to come along for a fun and informative night at Pelican Motors to have any questions answered regarding their car.

The evening did not disappoint with a great turnout and very informative presentations by the in-house mechanical technician, a trained self defence expert and police.

‘Women behind the wheel’ drew a good crowd

“We thought it would be a good idea for women to get to know their vehicle, receive tips on what to do when/if they break down and general day-to-day maintenance,” Wendy, the organiser from Pelican Motors, said.

A hands-on evening, it was not long before the wipes were being passed around to clean blackened fingers after touching tyres, brake pads and oily metal discs.

Air pressure in tyres and types of oils were topics which drew many questions as well.

Mechanical Technician and workshop Manager, Gavin Reeves provides expert advice


A demonstration in self-defence provided practical scenario based situations for the ladies who now have some homework practice to complete.

Self defence presenter, Gary Palmer provided a visual demonstration

Gary providing some great tips


The evening ended with police providing personal safety tips and property security messages to ensure the ladies could remain safe during a breakdown and when out and about in their vehicles.

A simple change of position for carrying a handbag can make it more secure


Personal and property safety messages were reinforced with handouts


The organisers from Pelican Motors are to be congratulated on their commitment to road safety and crime prevention initiatives.

Senior Constable Ann Jessop on MyPoliceSunshineCoast

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Find quality brake service in Caloundra QLD with next generation Repco RCT pads and a nation wide warranty for immediately superior braking performance.

Pelican Motors Service Centre realise the importance of your safety so it goes without saying we are pleased to announce that Repco’s next generation of brake pads – Repco RCT – are currently available at our Caloundra car service centre.

With a stop ready stripe and being the first pad on the Australian market with the exclusive Radial Chamfer Technology, Repco RCT brake pads produce first-class braking performance.

The stop ready stripe ensures the pads do not require bedding in whilst the NBR silent Guard shim & advanced ceramic formulation allow for a stable, dust free, quiet braking experience.

It is possible to locate a Repco RCT brake pad for almost every model or make commonly seen driving on Australian roads, so speak to Pelican Motors Service Centre pronto with regard to fitting next generation Repco RCT brake pads to your car.

Want to find out more about our brake services – Read about brake service here.

If it is time for a service go ahead and book online to have our technician check the brakes of your car as part of our 65 point vehicle inspection.

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The ACCC has recently updated information about your right to choose who services your new car

They have confirmed that you don’t have to take your car back to the dealer.  Regardless of what you might be told about warranties, your rights are protected under Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Any warranty offered by a manufacturer is in addition to your consumer guarantees.

You can read more about car service & warranties here

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